Are tattoos forever? Whether one gets a black and grey tattoo or a colored one, the foremost question in their mind is how long their tattoo will last. Many times we hear the term “permanent” tattoo, but it leaves one wondering if the tattoo is actually permanent or will it last just a couple of years, or by what time will it need to be retouched again.

After a few years, tattoos often look faded a bit. They no longer look as fresh and bright as they once did. The truth is that even the best tattoo artist cannot guarantee that the tattoo will last forever. It is surely possible that the tattoo will fade away over time. You may need to visit a tattoo studio to get it touched up to brighten those faded colors and make it look new. The black and grey tattoos last for a longer time as compared to the colored tattoos. This article provides more information on how long a tattoo will last.

Colored Tattoos and Black & Grey Tattoos

If you have a colored Sleeve tattoo, you will observe that lighter colors will fade earlier than the darker colors. The white ink is the first to go while the pastel-colors will also fade much faster. This is because of the technique used behind the delicate coloring of the white and lighter colors. The black and grey tattoos also tend to fade with time, but those darker tattoos made with deep dark black ink still withstand the test of time in a better way. To make your tattoo last longer, getting inked from a professional tattoo parlour in Auckland is essential. It is true that some tattoos are bound to last longer because of a number of factors that we will discuss later in this article.

Over the years, significant advancements have been made to improve the quality of tattoos. The Auckland tattoo artists are more knowledgeable and experienced about the intricacies of tattoos and know how deep to penetrate the skin with the inks. This has led to an improvement in the quality of both colored and black and grey inks significantly. The components used in these inks have improved considerably, and the rate of fading has indeed slowed down to a great extent. Still, one needs to understand the needs of their tattoo and know how to take good care of them. Take tips from the best tattoo artist Auckland to know how to prevent the fading and make the tattoo last for a longer time. Before you learn how to take good care of your tattoo, get aware of the reasons behind their fading.

Reasons Behind Tattoo Fading

There can be several factors that can cause fading of your tattoo. Some of them are:

• The location of the tattoo

Where the tattoo is placed on the body plays a significant role in how long the tattoo will last. For example, tattoos in those areas that remain exposed to the sun are likely to fade faster. Again those areas of the body that rub against other body parts or clothes, such as a sleeve tattoo, will also fade faster. Tattoos between fingers and feet are also likely to fade quickly. Extreme weight fluctuations too can impact the quality of the tattoo.

• The quality of the ink used

When visiting an Auckland tattoo studio, ask about the quality of the ink used to ensure its longevity. If the ink contains low-grade components, the tattoo is likely to have a shorter life and will fade away faster. Make sure that the tattoo artist Auckland uses highly concentrated ink of top quality.

• The healing

Another factor that impacts the fading is the quality of healing. When it comes to tattoo fading, the healing and care play an important role. Thus, one should ensure that they take good care of the tattoo and let the ink set correctly during the healing process.

Some initial fading is normal

Don’t be afraid to ask the tattoo artist Auckland about the quality of the ink they are using, and how to take good care of your tattoo. When the body is being inked, it goes into defensive mode and starts complex processes to keep away the infections. It is those complex processes that allow the ink to sink in. The tattoo artist uses a gun to pierce the outer skin layer to enter the deeper layer. They need to do this by pushing small needles with the ink over and over deep into the dermis. The immune system considers the tattoo making to be an attack and start repairing the skin with the help of macrophages. These cells and parts of the skin suck up the tattoo ink. As they cannot remove the ink, the ink stays within the layer and is visible through the skin. As there is some ink in the upper layer of the skin, the cells in that layer shed away as normal. This is why some fading of the tattoo is bound to happen.

Taking care of new tattoos

It is important to get a quality tattoo made at a leading Auckland tattoo studio by an expert tattoo artist who uses top quality inks. By doing this, you can be sure of enjoying a fine looking and brighter tattoo for a long time to come. When you visit an Auckland tattoo studio, try to get all the information you can about aftercare of tattoos. Just take care of the tattoo during the healing process and keep it away from the sun exposure. You can use sunblock for added protection. A lot depends on the type and quality of ink, and how deep it has entered, that impact the life of the tattoo. Other factors are how much care you take and the kind of protection you offer that decide the fading of the tattoo. Most importantly, take good care of your skin. The healthier the skin, the better will be the condition and life of your tattoo. Now that you know that there are different factors involved in how long a tattoo will last, you can take all the essential steps mentioned above to ensure that the tattoo will retain those bold lines and colors for long. It is a good idea to go for touch-ups every now and then or whenever you feel the need.

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