Why you should get your Arm Tattooed from Auckland?

A tattoo usually can be made on any part of the body as one desires. Some of the common parts are the shoulder back, wrist, arm, ankle, lower back etc. Having tattoos on the arm is really popular among men. A wealth of different meaning is carried with tattooing since ancient times. A forearm tattoo for someone can mean that someone is capable of something while tattoos encircling around finger and wrist areas often are associated with something spiritual. Hence it is clear that for different people tattoos have different meaning and importance.

Auckland has become highly famous for its link with the modern tattoo culture and the place is recognized as a hub of tattoo business as well. Thousands of travelers prefer getting inked in Auckland and there are plenty of studios that focus on different styles such as western, black works, traditional, mandalas Maori and Japanese tattooing and many more. In this article, we will discuss the tattoo business in Auckland and how you can get arm tattoos- half sleeve tattoo and full sleeve tattoos.

Auckland: An Emerging Hub of Tattoo Business

Lets us data back to the time when the Maori settlers came here in New Zealand. They initiated the tattoo culture in Auckland. The art became so popular that it even got itself a place in a museum dedicated for this art. It is the National Tattoo Museum in Wellington. Getting a tattoo was more like a taboo in the early days .I used to be an indication of wrongdoings and evil. It took several decades for the trend to be socially accepted in western culture, and now it has become very popular among today’s youths. Just like wearing clothes and ornaments, some people use arm tattoos- half sleeve tattoo and full sleeve tattoos to express their personality.

Auckland, the capital city of New Zealand has emerged as a centre of tattoo business. World class artists are settled here making this place the most demanding places to get inked. People can also save hundreds of bucks by getting a tattoo here when compared to any other part of the world. The government of New Zealand has however implemented strict laws for tattoo artists and professionals. The administration has asked tattoo artists to follow all the necessary safety and get authorised in order to provide this service to the public. Hence this has made Auckland one of the most reliable places to get inked in terms of safety and legalities.   

Different type of Arm Tattoos

Arm tattoo- half sleeve tattoo and full sleeve tattoos come with a distinct appeal and that is why it is considered as one of the most famous styles in the world of permanent body art. In general, arm tattoos are more renowned for the men in the early days but now women are also getting arm tattoos and it has become a unisex style statement for all kinds of people. If you are a tattoo enthusiast and have a well-toned arm, you can go for sleeve tattoos. Similar to the name, a sleeve tattoo covers your arm and sometimes it can extend up to the shoulders and some portions of chest. Full sleeve tattoos look good but if you don’t want to get inked all over the hand, you can opt for half sleeve tattoos.

a) Full Sleeve Tattoo

Full sleeve tattoo literally is one which covers an entire arm. Usually it begins from the shoulder region and ends at the wrist. A tattoo which is blending with one long flow looks the best full sleeve tattoo design. These types of styles will look great if you have a toned arm. Mechanical tattoos are also famous as full sleeve tattoo and it gives you a distinct and robust look. In order for the arm tattoos- half sleeve tattoo and full sleeve tattoos to be a success it is important for you to visualise the end result first. Discuss with the tattoo designer in Auckland to envision how the arm will look once done before finalising a design.  

b) Half Sleeve Tattoo

Some people are really in love with arm tattoos. But not all workplaces ethically allows it. So in such cases half sleeve tattoos can be a close replacement.

The best thing about arm tattoo is that you can cover your tattoo anytime just by wearing a shirt and you won’t have to face any issues at workplaces and business meetings for that.

Why get a Tattoo in Auckland?

Auckland is famous for its tattoo culture and getting arm tattoos- half sleeve tattoo and full sleeve tattoos inked in Auckland can help you to save the expenses as the price is very competitive here.  One can find plenty of tattoo parlours and world-class artists that make it one of the best places to get inked. Getting a full sleeve tattoo can cost hundreds of dollars in European countries but as a hub of tattoo business, the price is very competitive and you can save hundreds of dollars by getting it in Auckland. In addition, tattoo parlors in Auckland use latest technology and tools that make it hygienic and a reliable destination to get a tattoo.

Tattoo Maintenance Tips

The aftercare procedures for arm tattoos- half sleeve tattoo and full sleeve tattoos are important for healing of your arm and the Auckland artist will instruct you on proper maintenance. Common instructions include not using water, swimming or sun during the healing period. Once the area is healed, try to use sunscreen to protect your hand from sunburn. We suggest the readers visit the parlour again after the healing procedure and the artist will help you in the remaining process.   

Always remember that tattooing is not a one day affair. It might need some extra care and focus to ensure that it has been done in a safe manner. One can even go through a bit of a pain since it is a large portion of the arm we are talking about. Getting yourself some medical attention will also help heal faster than you can imagine.

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