Polynesian tattoo refers to a Western or traditional American tattoo style featuring bold black outlines and a limited color palette. This limited color palette typically included yellow, red, green and black. Purple was eventually added to it as well. The result is a bold, big design that can sometimes look “rude” if compared with more advanced tattoo styles.

All You Wanted To Know About The Famous Polynesian Tattoos

While there may be little disagreement over the origins of Polynesian culture, there is no doubt that the Polynesian tattoos are unique in their designs. Polynesia is made up of more than a thousand islands scattered over the Pacific Ocean, and Polynesian people consist of many tribes. These tribes have many common belief systems, rituals and even language. In their society, tattoos were so common that almost everyone had one.

Polynesian tattoo designs and culture

Tattooing served a different purpose and functions in Polynesia, as they got inked to display their personality, social status, rank and sometimes even sexual maturity. Polynesian tattooing has been there for more than 2,000 years. It was seen as a higher art form that was connected to spiritual and social change. There were different tattoo styles and designs in triangles and bands and other geometric patterns. Sometimes, men were inked exclusively from the waist to the knees. The women mostly preferred flower patterns and on the lower parts of the body and hands. They are black and grey tattoos that are visually strong and really impressive.

You can go for Half Sleeve Polynesian Design, Full Sleeve Polynesian Design, Tribal Polynesian, Geometric Polynesian Tattoo, Full Leg Polynesian Tattoo, Oceanic Polynesian Tattoo, Gecko Polynesian Tattoo, Sunny Polynesian Tattoos and more. Also, it is interesting to know that different Polynesian islands had different tattoos. There are the Marquesa Island Tattoos, Easter Island Tattoos, Cook Island Tattoos, The Maori Tattoos of New Zealand and more.

Also, there are Hawaiian Tattoos that reveal something about the personality of the person. Samoa tattoos tell about the social status of the person. Then there are Tonga Tattoos that narrate a story, and Tiki Tattoo inspired by Tiki the first human as per their culture. Tahitian Tattoos are the ones that people with high status used to get made. These tattoos are done on the entire body leaving the face.

Traditional Tools of the Polynesian tattooing trade

It is observed that Polynesian tattooing tools and techniques have changed over the years. Their art is a very ancient one and their traditional tools have been handed down to generations. Those traditional skills are passed over from father to son or a master to his apprentice. The young learning artists spend hours learning the skills and mastering the use of tools. The tattooing skill is highly revered, and it may take months to perfect the art. Ancient tattooing artists made use of sharpened boars teeth that were tied together to make the tools. Turtle shell was used to hold the tool and fixed to a wooden handle.

The tattoos were made to honour cultural traditions, and those permanent marks on one’s body reminded him of his endurance, status, and dedication. However, the traditional tools used for Polynesian tattooing meant extreme pain and risk of infection. Still, shying away from the tattoos and pain meant an insult in the tribe. Those who could not bear the pain were seen to be incomplete, and it was considered shameful. Thus, there were very few who refused the intricate tattoos inked on their body. It shows the significance and respects the Polynesians had for their tattooing and related art and skills.

Polynesian Tattoo Artist In Auckland, New Zealand

If you are looking for a professional Polynesian artist in Auckland, you will not be disappointed. There are numerous Polynesian tattoo studios in the city that take great pride in producing traditional tattoo art and custom tattoos. As these tattoos carry different range and meaning, the Polynesian tattoo artist will help you understand the meaning and purpose behind each of those tattoos. Before they start the process, they will have a thorough discussion with their clients and educate them about the Maori tattoo or Samoan tattoo, as well as their design process.

Looking for the best Polynesian tattoo artist in Auckland

Look for the best Polynesian tattoo artist Auckland who can deliver the most beautiful results. However, it means that you need to make some efforts and spend some time to research for the leading tattoo artist Auckland. It is a lot different and more difficult than simply picking a tattoo design. One needs to keep in mind the professionalism, safety, style, quality and the reputation and the personality of the tattoo Auckland artist. Here are a few things to look out for:

  • The environment

    Check the safety of the Polynesian tattoo studio and its environment, which should be completely safe, clean and hygienic. You cannot risk your health at any cost, so make sure you get your favourite tattoo style in a safe environment only.

  • The professional Polynesian artist

    The Tattoo Artist you pick should be comfortable to be with, and he should respect your ideas, concerns, and opinions. Interact with them freely so that they understand what you need or desire for in the custom tattoo.

  • Reviews of the tattoo artist

    Before you finalise the tattoo artist, go through the reviews and check out the portfolio of the artist. Get advice about their consistency and reliability. One can get referrals from their friends or read online reviews.

  • Skill and style of Polynesian Tattoo Artist

    As every tattoo artist develops his own style over the years, their skill levels can differ when it comes to Polynesian style tattoos. Make sure that they are skilled in the style of the design you are interested in. It is a good idea to read more about Polynesian symbols, designs, and their meanings.

Getting a Polynesian tattoo is a major decision, as the whole process is complex, and one needs to make the right choice when it comes to the designs, styles and the Polynesian Tattoo Artist. Other than that, one should not overlook the cost factor as well. One will come across numerous tattoo artists in Auckland with different price ranges. It would need some time and research to see how you can get the best results from a skilful artist well within your budget.

Don’t be anxious or in haste when getting a Polynesian Tattoo, otherwise, you will regret your decision later. Ask friends, family or past clients who have already got a tattoo done by the artist, and get their advice and opinions. Your aim should be to zero in on the best Polynesian tattoo artist Auckland who can deliver quality results.

Go for a Polynesian Tattoo artist with comprehensive and progressive tattooing experience. He should specialise in the different tattoo design styles and carry a reputation of a safe and successful tattoo artist. There are very few and hand-picked tattoo artists New Zealand who can be honestly seen as experts and professionals in their field. The trick is to find them and get yourself inked for life.