Watercolor tattoos and designs: A new trend in the world of tattooing

When mummies were discovered having engraved designs on their bodies little did we knew that this will be an emerging art in the following centuries. This was one of the oldest evidence of the existence of the tattoo in the world. From that time until today, tattoo as a form of art has evolved and become very popular. Tattoos are not just designs but are majorly a way to express an ideology, emotion, expression, feeling or an opinion. It won’t be wrong to say that tattoos are all about wearing your opinion. Well, when it comes to different forms of the tattoo, the watercolor tattoos and designs are the new entrant in the market which has soon become very popular. You can find a lot of people in Auckland opting for watercolor tattoos and designs. Let us find out what is making them so popular.

Types of Different watercolor tattoo and designs

Water color tattoo and designs come in a wide range of styles and can classifications. It is a challenge for Auckland based tattoo artists to give justice to this form of art. So for the sake of convenience Auckland tattoo designers first narrows down this vat subject based on one single parameter and that is on whether the black base is being used or not being used.

Watercolor designs with no black base: There are many people who love watercolor tattoo and designs with no black base created. So the dark line work which is usual to tattoos is devoid here. However, this doesn’t mean that no other color can replace this black. When no black is used in such artworks they give a more authentic watercolor look and feel. You will see that colors are melting inside the skin and are facing in all along the edges. Sometimes you will not even find an edge. So such shading really is worth praising.

Auckland based tattoo shops can help you create a lot of vibrant color combinations for your tattoo design. A beautiful combination of hues gives an eye-catching the appeal. The tattoo will be appearing as if it is a body paint done artistically.

Watercolor designs with the popular black base: Then there are other watercolor tattoos and designs where the black base is really strong. What is meant here is that strong line work is used for acting as a framework for the shades to be made above. So afterward, heaps of tones and hues are added for filing up the lines and the spaces. So the black foundation or the skeleton essentially acts as an outline. Many might ask about the importance of this black line. Well, yes styles having a black outline does offer a stark contrast with those which does to use a black outline. You will yourself see the difference if you ask tattoo designers in Auckland to show you some real samples.

Popular Watercolor Tattoo designs

If you wish to create some extraordinary tattoo designs and are searching for an option, then you must switch to watercolor tattoos and designs. These are fairly new form of tattooing appears like a painting and gives a completely new edge to the conventional art of tattooing. If you are looking for some of the popular tattoo designs, then the following options would help you:

  • Abstract paintings
  • Geometric designs
  • Bright colors
  • Portrait
  • Owl
  • Blue whale
  • Moths
  • Shoulder tattoos
  • Peter Pan
  • Rib-cage designs
  • Nautical designs
  • Ballerina
  • Dandelion
  • Arrow and the list are endless.

The city of Auckland is flooded with tattoo studios and artists promising great designs, but no everyone can reincarnate your opinion in the form of art.

Choosing the best watercolor tattoo artists in Auckland

  1. Portfolio- This is the first step that you must take while you are searching for a watercolor tattoo artist. The portfolio of the artist is proof of the versatility of works done so far. It gives you a glimpse of how good the person is in making different styles and whether he/she can do justice to your requirement for watercolor tattoo and designs.
  2. Visit the shop- Visiting their studio will help you understand how professional they are in their approach and how good they are in their job.
  3. Tattoo must last longer- One of the greatest apprehensions surrounding the watercolor tattoos is that they tend to fade over a period of time. This remains somewhat true as the lighter colors continue to fade with time. An expert tattoo artist will be applying a good black base layer and use such colors which are long lasting and are of the highest qualities. Hence, trusting experienced tattoo artists becomes very important.
  4. Licensed artist is the best- In Auckland, a tattoo artist needs to have permission to perform their task. The certification and the license are a mark of their authentication and authorization of work. It also helps in making us believe in the credibility of the company. Don’t forget to check the license while you are short listing the tattoo artists.
  5. Meet them in person- Most of the tattoo artists in Auckland are friendly, they would not mind meeting you. A meeting with the tattoo designer ensures that you are able to convey what are you expecting from them and at the same time. It also helps the designer understand your requirement and create the design accordingly.

One of the thumb rules that you must follow is that you should never be in a hurry while you are choosing a tattoo artist. Spend some time searching for them, check their portfolio, and meet them before you finally get down to get inked.

Getting inked is a great, and if you want to make it a pleasurable one, it becomes important that you must assign the task to a good tattoo designer. The city of Auckland is filled with a number of tattoo studios, and the above-mentioned tips will help you in making the right decision about water color tattoo and designs.