Tattoos have great history and are nowadays very popular. Tattoos have different meaning for different culture they are consider to link to social identity of the person. Sometimes, we can identify person’s culture by looking at the tattoo design or style. Today, in this article we will discuss how tattoo meaning differ with respect to different culture.


In India, tattoos were not very popular. In 90’s tattoos were used as a family mark or people who belong to same society use to get similar tattoos. Nowadays, tattoos are getting more spiritual and emotional then just a mark of society belonging in India. As tattoo industry is growing a new trend is also seen that few people are getting incline towards modern design tattoo.


In Samoa, tattoos are considered as a mark of bravery. They have a custom that every men should get a tattoo during their puberty age. People who don’t follow this tradition are consider to be coward. These tattoos are know as “pe’a.” Samoa tattoos are black tattoo with lots of thin lines patterns in it. Men and Women have different style of tattoos. Men tattoos are mostly from knee to upper waist while women are from lower knee to upper thigh.

Maori – New Zealand

In Maori – New Zealand, tribal tattoos are very famous. Tribal tattoos are bulky thick lines black tattoo. Maori men have tattoo over the face, lips and nostrils while maori women get it done on their chin. These tattoos are know as “Ta Moko”. Tribal design is very popular in the entire world. You will notice that most of the New Zealand sports team will have tribal tattoos.


In Buddhism, Mandala tattoo is very famous. These are drawn in circle with dot design. Theses tattoos represent the universe and fulfillment.These are also popular in the world and mostly preferred by women.


In Japan, Tattoos are still not popular in Japan and are consider as a crime mark. Most of the crime gangs in Japan has full body tattooed to showcase that they belong to a gang. There tattoos are in Chinese language with different symbols and design. These tattoos are not very popular.

United States of America

In United States of America, in this part of the world tattoos are highly popular and are consider to be the part of the pop culture society. Some people in USA will get spiritual tattoos while other people prefer animal or flowers tattoos. Some people in america will get random designs to represent self identification.


In Rome, criminals and slave are tattooed to identify them in the society.

Gilbert Islands

In Gilbert Islands, getting a tattoo means that you have protect your path to next life.

Above culture has at least respected and accepted tattoos but their is still big part of the world where tattoos are not very popular. By looking at the pace of how tattoo industry is growing we can say tattoo will be soon popular in the entire world.

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