An awesome pictorial tattoo can speak for itself. Shapes and symbols, from object images to zodiac signs, convey the wearer’s personal style. But Some people prefer words to pictures. If this is you, then the font or lettering itself adds even more meaning to the words you choose. There are thousands of tattoo font styles available for the lettering and each adds its own individual style to the words.

Things to know about Letter and Ambigrams Tattoo

Tattoos have become all the rage these days. Every person, irrespective of age and gender, wants to have at least one tattoo on his or her body. A saying goes that a picture speaks more than a thousand words, but still, some people prefer getting letters inked on them. A letter tattoo may include names, important dates, and sometimes a motivational quote. Ambigrams tattoo are also popular, as they are words that often change their meaning when viewed from different angles. Some ambigrams remain the same even when they are seen upside down. So, this kind of writing tattoo becomes symbolic, and even gives certain information about the person, such as his or her name, date of birth, or the name of a beloved. If you are interested in getting a letter and ambigrams tattoo, then you need to find a reliable ambigram tattoo artist in Auckland. Let’s find out more about these types of tattoos, and how an ambigram tattoo artist Auckland can help.

Getting an ambigrams tattoo

As far as letter and ambigrams tattoo are concerned, you need to find an Ambigram tattoo studio Auckland that offers a wide range of beautiful tattoo designs. Whether you are looking for a black and white tattoo or a colourful one, the ambigram tattoo artist Auckland will offer you with everything and much more. However, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind while getting a lettering tattoo. Let’s have a look:

  1. Font used to make the tattoo
  2. Size, style and angle of the letters
  3. Body part where you want the tattoo to be inked
  4. Presentation and placement of the letters
  5. Effects gave to the words, such as shadow, outline, shading etc.
  6. Any picture that needs to be merged with the word

Based on your preferences, the ambigram tattoo artist in Auckland will offer you the kind of tattoos that you want to be carved on your body.

Why do people get Letter and Ambigrams Tattoo?

Different people can get letter and ambigrams tattoo for various different reasons. Based on these reasons, the professional tattoo artists in the Ambigram tattoo studio Auckland will provide you with the designs that you are looking for. Here are a few reasons why you can get such tattoos

  1. To remember a deceased loved one
  2. To commemorate a child’s birth date or a pet’s arrival date
  3. To inscribe an important name or date, such as your own birthday, birth year, anniversary etc.
  4. To draw a quotation that you firmly believe in

What kinds of Tattoos you can get?

An ambigram tattoo artist Auckland can give you various kinds of ambigram tattoos that you are looking for. Here are a few types of ambigrams that you should know about –

  1. Rotational ambigrams: This is a word that reads the same even when you rotate it at an angle of 180 degrees
  2. Oscillating ambigrams: This type of ambigram is written in such a way that it can be read as two words
  3. Mirror ambigrams: This ambigram reads the same even when you view it in a mirror
  4. Chain ambigrams: In this kind of ambigram, a number of words are combined together. Words are divided into parts, and each part reads as a rotation. It is often displayed in a spiral or circular design. The letters are interlinked in a chain so that they create a repeated chain that may start partway from another word
  5. Symbiotograms: This ambigram shows two words with opposite meanings. You read one word from one angle, and the second word from another angle
  6. Figure ambigrams: In this ambigram, even the spaces in between the letters read as another word.

Designing a Letter and Ambigrams Tattoo

When you visit a reputed tattoo shop Auckland, the artist will be able to suggest you a few ambigrams that you would be excited about. If you love words, you will definitely like to have your favourite ambigram tattooed on your skin. They will recommend you the best font, style and design in which your preferred letters will look good. They will also use their creativity to add a personal touch to them. Some styles in which these tattoos can be inked are:

  1. Script style: When you are in a tattoo studio in Auckland, you want your tattoo to stand out. Even if you are going for just a name or date, you want to make it look attractive. A script is a style which can add depth to your letters, and make them look beautiful and stylised. A tattoo artist will be able to add a beautiful touch even to plain text so that it does not look plain and boring.
  2. Black Blocks: Bold and heavy dark black letters are frequently used to create an impression. Such tattoo designs are symmetrical and look very attractive as well. If you are going for a statement, phrase or quote that someone should be able to read within a couple of seconds, then you can have it in black blocks. An expert artist at a tattoo parlour Auckland will design your tattoo in such a way that the words fully emerge to be read clearly.
  3. Cursive: Cursive script is something that we all use in our daily life. This script is easy to read and understand, and a tattoo craftsman can even add his or her own style to make it look elegant with flowing and bending lines. Cursive fonts are also available that the tattoo artists can use to design your tattoo. It is one of the most common writing styles that tattoo artists choose to ink words and letters.
  4. Handwriting style: If you want something to be written in your own or someone else’s handwriting, then the tattoo artist can scan it for you and inscribe it on your skin. Using a person’s signature or autograph is a common form of tattoo written in handwriting style.

If you are not sure about what you want to write, and in what style and design, then the best tattoo artist at a reputed ambigram tattoo parlour Auckland will be able to use his or her own creativity to give you the needed suggestions. They will keep working with you until you are satisfied with the design you want to get carved on your body forever.