Things You Must Know About A Portrait Tattoo

One needs to put in lots of thoughts and considerations when going for a portrait tattoo. After all, these tattoos are a tricky proposition. However, when done correctly, you can get one of the most beautiful and striking tattoo inked on your skin.

People often want a tattoo of their loved one, favourite pet or a celebrity whom they idolize. Getting a portrait or picture tattoo on their skin is their way of showing their emotions for the loved one. As a portrait tattoo has one’s emotions attached to it, it needs to be done with the utmost care and precaution. Even a line moved from its place can change the look of the entire portrait.

Leading portrait tattoo artists love capturing intimate portraits of people and get absorbed in their job, which is almost meditative in quality. They focus exclusively on the face. Euphoria sets in as the needle pierce the skin and pleasure surfaces as endorphins kick in. Let’s find out the steps involved in getting a portrait tattoo to perfection.

Finding The Right Portrait Tattoo Artist

The first step, of course, is to decide whose portrait tattoo you want. Once you have made up your mind, find the right artist for the job. One can rely on the portrait tattoo artist Auckland only after checking the portfolios and the past projects. When going for a portrait tattoo, one cannot afford to make any mistakes. A little mistake can mar the look of the whole image. With other designs and images, one can still overlook a minor flaw, but not with a portrait tattoo.

New Zealand, especially Auckland tattoo artists are famous for their perfection, designs and techniques. Hence, this is the right country to browse if looking for perfection in your photo tattoo. Getting a portrait tattoo is indeed complex, not just for you, but also for the artist as well. After all, it requires a tremendous amount of skill and expertise to ink the detail of the portrait tattoo design. Besides the basic artistic techniques, the portrait tattoo artist Auckland should carry a deep understanding of shading and blending and how to use the right mix of colors.

Not every tattoo artist has the skill to ink a portrait tattoo to perfection. It is essential to browse their work and see some examples of their work before you make up your mind. A seasoned and best portrait tattoo artist Auckland would be happy to display samples of their work along with the original photograph copy. The idea is to give the customer an idea of their final work and the level of perfection in the portrait tattoos done by them. So, do check the previous work before arriving at any decision. Don’t forget to compare the pricing but remember quality tattoos come at a high price, especially portrait tattoos. Don’t compromise on quality for a few bucks as the tattoo will remain with you for years.

The portrait tattoo design must look like the person or animal whose portrait it is. The facial features and the look in the eyes of the portrait tattoo must look right. A realism portrait tattoo is a three-dimensional tattoo style and appeals far more than 2-D portrait as it has more depth. However, it requires more skill and are expensive. Making a wrong choice of the artist or type of tattoo will obviously lead to bad or undesired results. So, ensure that you hire the best tattoo artist Auckland who can create magic in their work.

The finer and more detailed the lines are, the clearer the picture is bound to get. When you go to the artists, make sure that you give him or her a clear photograph of the person or pet you want a portrait of on your skin. It could be a celebrity or your loved one. It is best to take a colored photograph which is at least 8 x 10 inches in size or bigger. A bright and sharp picture would help the portrait tattoo artist to bring out all the details.

Choose between colored or grey portrait tattoos

When you browse portrait tattoo samples, you will find that the custom tattoos are both black and grey or colored. Even though the colored portrait tattoo designs are more popular, not everyone is skilled at making colored tattoo portraits. Moreover, they take lots of time, skill and patience to do the job with perfection. Although colored tattoos look better, they tend to fade with time. Thus, it is all the more important to choose the best portrait tattoo artist Auckland who can deliver what you want with the use of best inks for color portraits. Size is also very important when going for portrait tattoos. The smaller the tattoo, the fewer details can one see, and the final effect may not be captivating as well. The minimum size one should go for portrait tattoos is 4″ x 6″ or larger.

Have patience

Be prepared to sit for several hours to complete the portrait tattoo. Generally speaking, it requires anywhere between five to eight hours to complete a standard sized good portrait. For the complex and bigger sized portrait tattoos, the tattoo Auckland artist may take even longer to ink the design. Since you cannot be impatient when getting a portrait tattoo, you should come loaded with sufficient time and patience. Some of the best portrait tattoo places are those with larger skin area without creases or bends, such as forearms, biceps, and calves.

Don’t Wait, Get Inked

Nothing could be more satisfying than to have the portrait of your loved one always with you, inked in your skin. It’s common to have your pet’s portrait inked on your skin, while some people also choose to have a portrait of their spouse or child. Having celebrity portrait tattoos is also a common thing among people. However, the only thing you need to keep in mind is that the tattoo should be clear and one should be able to immediately recognise the person whose tattoo you have made. Choose the best portrait tattoo artist Auckland wisely, only after looking at their portfolio and previous works.