We all make mistake and making a mistake which we need to carry whole life is a big deal. But need not to worry cover up tattoo can help you to cover your unwanted tattoo. Tattoo can also be removed by laser treatment but it is costly and not always get us expected results. Faded or light tattoos are easy to cover and can be covered by using dark colors. Sometimes white color ink may need to be used to fade the old tattoo before covering it up.

 Getting a Cover-up Tattoo

A tattoo cover-up can be a brilliant solution to a tattoo design that you or your tattoo artist messed up with earlier. Maybe you got too emotional to get your boyfriend’s name inked on your body, and now that you have broken up, you want to hide that name. In that case, a cover-up tattoo can come to your help. Instead of going through the process of completely removing the tattoo, you can easily do away with a cover-up. However, if not done right, the tattoo cover-up may end up looking even more regrettable than the original issue. Therefore, you need to find a cover-up tattoo artist Auckland who is expert and experienced in covering up messed up tattoos. However, there are a few things to remember before getting it done. Here are a few recommendations made by the best cover up tattoo artist Auckland.

Talk to your tattoo artist first

Right off the bat, it’s vital to understand that the replacement tattoo you have in mind probably won’t be conceivable. This is the reason it’s the best thing to talk about your ideas with an experienced and trustworthy cover up tattoo artist Auckland. They will have the capacity to let you know if your arrangement will work or not and discuss how they can make it work. If that’s not possible, they will give you another solution based on their expertise. Keep in mind, a great tattoo artist Auckland will never put something on your body that they are not happy with, or that they know won’t look great. They will ink something that would cover your messed tattoos and endure forever.

Be Open Minded

Remember that not every tattoo that you get is cover-up friendly. There are tattoos which won’t do any good even if you get a cover up.  Therefore, your artist will comprehend what will work and what will not. It’s often best to go to the parlour with an open mind and a receptive outlook, and let your artist have a little free rule. As an artist, they have a striking imagination, and are substantially more prone to suggest something noteworthy. Of course, they will involve you as well while creating the design for your cover-up, but let them take the final decision. Simply try to find a harmony between your artist’s ideas and your preferences. The artist will be able to plan something that you like, and at the same time gives a good cover-up to your old tattoo.

Give attention to the tattoo size

Another factor you should consider is the size of your cover-up. Most likely, you can anticipate that the new piece should be no less than twofold the size of the original tattoo to guarantee you get complete coverage and  gives out a decent outcome. Remember that the professional coverup tattoo artist Auckland will not just hide your old tattoo using shading, contrasting and other methods, but will also move away from all the attention from the original design. He will do this by creating an altogether different focal object on the particular place where your previous tattoo was.

Choosing the right cover up tattoo design

The art of tattoo requires a lot of significant talents and skills. Talents are what an artist is born with, while skills are produced with training and experience. While doing a cover up, your artist should be the best cover up tattoo artist Auckland who must have the ability to find out what will make your cover-up look beautiful and perfect. The artist must make a design that will incorporate the hard lines of the old tattoo into the new design with the goal that it would seem that the old tattoo never existed. He may need to experiment with a variety of temporary lines and letters made with pen, until he reaches an acceptable design. A skilled designer and artist in a tattoo shop Auckland will find various approaches to make another pleasing design that incorporates the existing lines with the new one.

Colour matters too

Another significant thing you must think about is colour choices. While inking a cover-up, you have to understand that you can’t cover a dark and bold  tattoo  with light colours like yellow or lime green. It’s likewise critical to understand how cover-ups function you don’t colour over the original tattoo ink, rather you add colour to the existing batch. So it’s not appropriate to think that new and old colours will combine or blend. Your artist in tattoo parlour Auckland will have a superior understanding of which colours function admirably together in a cover-up piece, so keep your ears open and listen to them. If they’re uncertain, it’s most likely best not to take chance with it.

Remember, it might hurt you a little more than the previous tattoo

If your old tattoo is not finished with care, and if it has been scarred or raised, then attempting to cover up that awful kid may cause more pain than the first run through. In addition to that, there are even a couple of situations where the raised skin really comes back to its original level once it’s been punctured with a needle, so your cover up tattoo may even encourage some damage. So, be ready to bear some pain when you go for a cover-up tattoo.

So now that you know what all you will have to face at a cover up tattoo parlour, you can find the best tattoo artist Auckland and get your cover-up done soon. However, before you do, you must go through all the above-mentioned things. Remember, just because you have got a permanent tattoo and you no longer want it, you do not have to stick with it forever.