Numerous individuals who gladly show tattoos say they are a method for conveying everything that needs to be conveyed, enhancing their bodies and show the story of there lives. Everyone has a different reason for tattoo whatever reason is yours, there is constantly one inquiry that comes to our studio(Gargoyle Tattoo Studio) – Does it extremely hurt to get a tattoo?

People have heard a lot of tattoo stories some can be full of pain and the other can be not. But whenever someone is getting ink they are told “no pain no gain”. So, answer to this question is yes, the tattoo is painful. All of the tattoo hurt but pain mainly depends on the body part where you are getting a tattoo. We will discuss in this article which body area is more painful and which is less. However, we can make this pain bearable by pain-fighting techniques that we will discuss today.

The truth is getting a tattoo is an experience and many factors affect the tattooing process of getting a tattoo. During tattooing needle passes through your skin at approx 8-15 needle drop per second which will obviously be painful.

tattoo really hurts

Before you are getting a tattoo

Talk to someone who has experience of getting a tattoo 

This will help you to get prepared physically and mentally. Ask people about their tattooing experience. Take tips from people like how the cope up with the pain or what steps they have taken to avoid pain. Its always better to consult someone who is experienced. Pain tolerance capabilities differ for each individual so don’t think that it will be same for you. If you are thinking it is similar to giving birth then no it is not.

Tattoo pain depends on the body part, some parts are very painful and other’s are not. 

  1. Less painful body area are those which have more fat and fewer veins like
    • Upper outside of the arm and outer forearm
    • Shoulders
    • Inner wrist
    • Top and outer thigh
    • Calves
    • Upper back
  2.  Medium painful body area is those which have a lot of movement and these may take longer to heal.
    • Neck
    • Lower back
    • Inner arm (exceptions)
    • Head
    • Ankle
    • Centre back
  3. More painful body area are those which are over the bone and you can literally feel vibrations in the bones.
    • Inside of elbow
    • Hips
    • Stomach
    • Back of knees
    • Armpit
    • Top of foot
    • Nipples
    • Lips
    • Any joint areas
    • Lower chest and sides


Type of tattoo 

All tattoos don’t hurt equally. Pain depends can be different for different tattoos like

  • Small size tattoo hurts less.
  • Black and Grey tattoo is less painful than a colorful tattoo.
  • Shading tattoo hurt less than solid colors tattoo.

Take someone for a company with you while you are getting tattooed

If you will be alone you might feel more pain since your tattooist will be busy in doing the tattoo and you will be all alone to feel the pain. It is better if you take someone with you who is a good friend or yours, talkative, entertaining and who can distract you from pain. You can also take a group of your friend if your tattooist allows you.

Be prepared for needles 

Some people actually don’t know the process of tattoo they get shocked when they see needles and blood. Prepare yourself to see needles and little blood while getting tattooed. It is normal to get little bleeding during tattooing because tattoo ink goes to the third layer of skin to make it permanent. If you are bleeding badly then there is something wrong with your tattoo artist. 
Dnot drink while getting tattooed

While getting a tattoo

  •  Be comfortable because you have to sit in the position for a long time
  •  Listen to your favorite music
  • Chew soft candy
  • Hold squeezer in your hand
  • Be calm
  • Take a deep breath
  • Exhale while you are feeling pain
  • Don’t move while getting tattooed
  • Take breaks if you want to
  • Take over the counter painkiller – Not the blood thinner one
  • Don’t get drunk to decrease pain because alcohol thin down your blood which will cause excessive bleeding
  • Listen to tattoo aftercare instruction carefully 

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