Dealing with a fresh out of the box new tattoo may worry you if it’s your first time, yet there’s no motivation to freeze. For whatever length of time that you take after these hacks for influencing a tattoo to mend rapidly, your new ink will look and feel astounding in the blink of an eye. Appropriate tattoo aftercare is vital to maintaining a strategic distance from any contamination, blurring, or obscuring.

  1. Do not try to cover it again after removing the first cover.
  2. Use warm water to clean tattoo and take care of it as a fresh wound.
  3. Use prescribed ointment to heal it. Gargoyle Tattoo Studio, Auckland highly recommends Bepanthan cream.
  4. Apply a very thin layer of ointment with two fingers over the tattoo.
  5. Don’t rub or scratch on the tattoo.
  6. Avoid removing the dead skin from the tattoo otherwise, your tattoo can lose color.
  7. Avoid taking bath for a few days.
  8. Avoid going to the gym or doing any task which will sweat you.
  9. Avoid any kind of water or liquid on the tattoo for a few days.
  10. Contact Gargoyle Tattoo Studio, Auckland if you notice anything weird in the tattoo healing process. We will be happy to help.

3 thoughts on “10 Tattoo Healing/Care Tips

  1. Balwinder says:

    He is very down to earth person and good Tattoo artists one more think am vry happy happy 😃 he make my new Tattoo thanks harman bro

  2. Nonna Talakai says:

    Just received my first tattoo and I am in love with the final product! Absolutely blown away with the amazing service as well. Such a genuine artist! Thank you once again. Will definitely be back for more!

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