If you are planning for your first tattoo it’s better to research and understand the process of getting a tattoo. Sometimes, people just give up on there tattoo because of the fear of pain. It’s better to consult someone who already has a tattoo or simply going online to learn about tattooing. In this post, Gargoyle Auckland Tattoo Studio will be sharing about the process of getting a tattoo.

Finalizing the Tattoo Design and Finishing Documentation. 

It is very important to think about the tattoo design you want because it will be with you for your entire life. So, please be careful while choosing your tattoo design just ask two question from yourself before finalizing the tattoo design. First, what does this tattoo design mean to you? Second, can you live with this for your entire life? If you think the answer is positive then go for it. You can also read more about it on our post 10 Questions you need to ask before getting a tattoo.

After finalizing your tattoo you need to fill out some of the tattoo forms/documents which will be provided to you by your tattoo artist. These documents can be a general contact form or a form asking about your medical conditions. If the person is 16 years old or below 16( in New Zealand) then they need to provide their parent consent for getting a tattoo.

Tracing/Stenciling the Tattoo Design

Now, the tattoo artist will trace the tattoo design so that they can copy the exact design to your body. Tracing can be done by hand or by machine. Depends upon the tattoo business how they are doing it. Mostly small tattoo parlor trace it with the help of carbon paper and pen. Small tattoo design can be directly drawn on your body by free hand. You need to wait till your tattoo artist completely trace your tattoo.

Cleaning and Shaving your Tattoo Area

This is one of the crucial steps of getting a tattoo. It is very important that the area where you want a tattoo to be clean and shaved. Different tattoo artist uses a different method to clean it like some will be using alcohol to clean it. After cleaning tattoo artist will take a fresh new razor to clean shave the area of where you want a tattoo. Once they are assured that the area is smooth and clean then they will move forward.

Copying the traced Tattoo Design to your body

It’s time to transfer the design to the place where you wanted it. The tattoo artist will be using their tattoo gel to transfer the traced tattoo design to your body. This is the time when you can exactly see at what position your tattoo will be and how it will look. So, if you are not happy with the location of the tattoo or design or the tattoo or even the size of the tattoo please ask your artist to adjust it. Until you are not happy with the tattoo trace don’t go for it.

Preparing the Tattoo Equipment

The tattoo artist will now get ready will al the tattoo instruments like tattoo machine, tattoo stand, tattoo inks e.t.c. The tattoo artist will now glad wrap their most of the tattoo stuff so that if you bleed while getting a tattoo infection doesn’t spread. They will wear gloves, connect their tattoo machines to the power supply and attaching fresh new tattoo needles to the tattoo machine.  

Starting the Tattoo Lining

Tattoo work same as a painting or drawing. As in drawing we first outline everything and then start painting similarly tattoo artist first do the lining of your tattoo. This is generally done by single needle and can take time depending upon the size of the tattoo.

Shading/Filling the Tattoo

After doing the line work now its time to shade your tattoo. It is not compulsory that all tattoo require shading. Some of the tattoo design may require a simple filling of ink like the old school tattoo they don’t require shading. This can be a little more painful than the lining since you tattoo location will already little swollen. Shading is less painful than filling because in shading tattoo needles will not get that deep in the skin. On the other hand, while filling tattoo artist need to make sure that ink filling constantly and is going in the third layer of your skin. 

White lining on the Tattoo

This is the most painful step in the process of tattooing since you are already at the peak of your tolerance. White lining is something which makes the tattoo complete. It is used in 3 D tattoo and to highlight some of the parts of the tattoo.

Wrapping/Dressing up the Tattoo.

New tattoos are the same as a wound. It is important to wrap them to avoid any kind of infection. This is generally done with the help of glad wrap depends on the tattoo artist. You can remove this after two to three hours of getting a tattoo.

Receiving Tattoo Care Instruction

It’s time to receive tattoo care instructions. Please carefully make a note to what your tattoo artist says or ask your artist to provide you written instructions. Gargoyle Tattoo Studio Auckland has also posted some tattoo aftercare instruction click here to read them. Carefully, follow all the instructions and if you feel something is wrong with your tattoo, contact your tattoo artist or you can also contact Gargoyle Tattoo Studio Auckland for any guidance. 

Tattoo Payment

Depends on the tattoo studio/ tattoo parlor how they take payments. Generally, tattoo artist accepts half payment before tattooing and half after completing it.

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