As an old saying that “Good tattoos are not cheap and cheap tattoos are not good” so, if you are thinking about how much your tattoo will cost then according to me you have already decided to give up on your tattoo quality. A tattoo is something that will be permanent on your body – tattoo will die with you, it is the only thing which will be with you for the rest of your life. Don’t let cost decide your tattoo – look for designs which you will not regret.

Most of the tattoo artist decide their cost on their own. There is no such rule or calculator where you can find out the cost of the tattoo. Tattoo artist decides the tattoo price on the tattoo design, tattoo location, time involved, complexity and many more we will discuss them all soon. No tattoo artist can give you a price without seeing tattoo design. They will see the design estimate the time, complexity, products, skills and then they will come up with the price.  Better not give up on tattoo quality because of the tattoo cost. 

Some tattoo parlors which don’t follow health and safety instructions, don’t have good tattoo supplies will definitely do the tattoos for cheap but then you might need to compromise on the quality. I have seen some people going with them just to save money. Later these are the only people who go to proper tattoo studio for covering up the same tattoo. Good quality service always worth more. 

Tattoo cost depends on the following factors:

  1. Tattoo Artist Experience

    A professional tattoo artist will definitely ask for good money for the tattoo. A professional tattoo artist is the one with good experience and high skills. They can decide the cost on the bases of their skill level or experience. An artist who has both of these will not be cheap.

  2. Color

    Black and grey tattoo cost less than a colored tattoo. Colored tattoos are more complex and take time so the cost will be high for them. Black and grey color easily show on the ink but colors take time and efforts.

  3. Complexity

    Complex tattoos are more detailed tattoos which require more than one sitting. A simple word tattoo will always cost less than any detailed design tattoos. A portrait tattoo is considered to be a complex tattoo.

  4. Custom Design

    Some clients want a unique piece on their body for which tattoo artist needs to think creatively and design that for them. The time taken in the process of designing adds on to the tattoo cost.

  5. Body Location

    Tattoo artist can increase the cost of the tattoo if it is on a difficult location. Neck, foot, face, head are considered to be a difficult location. Hands, fingers, and arms are relatively cheaper.

  6. Size of the Tattoo

    This is obvious that small tattoos will cost less than the big tattoos. Small tattoos require less time, less effort, fewer products and are less complex therefore they are cheap than the big piece.

  7. Tattoo Studio Popularity

    If the studio is popular and establish they will charge good money. If they are popular they are considered to be a brand in the tattoo industry and branded is always costly.

  8. Tattoo Studio Location

    If someone has a home tattoo studio they will charge less than someone who has an expensive shop in the city center. Tattoo shops need to take out their operating cost also form each tattoo every business do that on the other hand home bases tattoo parlor ignore that cost and that’s why they are cheaper than a tattoo shop.

  9. Tattoo Supplies

    Some tattoo artist uses fewer safety tools, terrible quality of inks and cheap tattoo machines, therefore, they cost less. Again, every business has to cover the operational cost no one wants their business to suffer loss.

  10. Geographical location

    Tattoo parlor in small cities will cost less than the one in the big city. Metro cities are always considered to be expensive than small one.

Always try to explore more, go to different tattoo parlor ask for quotation see their work and environment and then settle down on the one you think is good by quality. Don’t compromise on the quality of the tattoo for money because tattoo cover-ups and tattoo removals are even more costly.

If you are based in Auckland, New Zealand and looking for the tattoo quotation contact Gargoyle Tattoo Studio happy to help.

Happy Tattooing!

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  1. Rohan says:

    Hi Team
    I am looking at getting a ‘wedding ring’ tattoo on my ring finger. Real basic design, perhaps my wife’s name, but open for your suggestions. What would the ballpark cost be for this?

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