The saying goes, “good tattoos are not cheap and cheap tattoos are not good.” While cost undoubtedly plays a role in the tattooing process, prioritizing quality over affordability is crucial. A tattoo is a permanent piece of body art, a lasting expression of your individuality. Here at Gargoyle Tattoo Studio in Auckland, we believe in helping you navigate the world of tattoo pricing with transparency and informed decision-making, while also offering flexible payment options through Afterpay.

Most of the tattoo artist decide their cost on their own. There is no such rule or calculator where you can find out the cost of the tattoo. Tattoo artist decides the tattoo price on the tattoo design, tattoo location, time involved, complexity and many more we will discuss them all soon. No tattoo artist can give you a price without seeing tattoo design. They will see the design estimate the time, complexity, products, skills and then they will come up with the price.  Better not give up on tattoo quality because of the tattoo cost. 

Understanding Tattoo Cost Factors:

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer to tattoo pricing, as several factors influence the final cost:

  • Artist Experience:

     A professional tattoo artist with extensive experience and refined skills will naturally command higher fees. Their expertise ensures exceptional craftmanship and a tattoo that blends seamlessly with your skin.

  • Color:

     Black and grey tattoos generally cost less than colored tattoos. Adding vibrant hues requires a higher level of artistry, time, and specialized ink, hence the increased cost.

  • Complexity:

     Intricate designs with intricate details and shading, like portraits, are considered complex and require multiple sessions. Naturally, these tattoos carry a higher price tag compared to simpler designs like word tattoos.

  • Custom Design:

     Do you crave a one-of-a-kind masterpiece? Custom designs involve time and creativity from your artist, and this unique element is factored into the cost.

  • Body Location:

     Certain areas like the neck, foot, face, and head are more challenging to tattoo due to their delicate nature and proximity to bone or movement. This complexity can influence the pricing.

  • Size:

     As expected, larger tattoos require more time, ink, and effort, leading to a higher cost compared to smaller tattoos.

  • Studio Popularity:

     Established studios with a strong reputation often command premium pricing due to their expertise and brand value.

  • Studio Location:

     Studios in major cities may have higher costs compared to smaller towns due to factors like operating expenses and market demands.

  • Geographical Location:

     Tattooing costs can vary depending on the overall cost of living in a particular region.

Prioritize Quality Over Cost:

While cost is an important consideration, remember that cheap tattoos often come with hidden costs. Compromising on quality can lead to:

  • Poor artistry: Subpar skills can result in blurry lines, uneven color saturation, and regretful designs.
  • Health risks: Unhygienic practices at budget-conscious studios can pose serious health risks like infections.
  • Costly cover-ups: Removing or covering up a poorly done tattoo is significantly more expensive and time-consuming than getting it done right the first time.

Some tattoo parlors which don’t follow health and safety instructions, don’t have good tattoo supplies will definitely do the tattoos for cheap but then you might need to compromise on the quality. I have seen some people going with them just to save money. Later these are the only people who go to a professional tattoo studio to cover up the same tattoo. 

Navigating the Tattoo Journey in Auckland with Afterpay:

At Gargoyle Tattoo Studio, we understand the importance of transparency, informed decision-making, and flexible payment options. We encourage you to explore different studios, ask for quotes, and view artist portfolios. This allows you to compare options, assess quality, and ensure the chosen studio aligns with your vision and budget. Additionally, we are proud to offer Afterpay, a flexible payment solution that allows you to spread the cost of your tattoo over several installments.

Remember, a tattoo is an investment in your self-expression and a permanent part of your story. Choose wisely and prioritize quality to ensure a beautiful, lasting piece of art you’ll cherish for years to come.

Contact Gargoyle Tattoo Studio in Auckland today for a consultation and personalized quote. We’re happy to help you embark on a rewarding tattoo experience, with the convenience of Afterpay!

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  1. Rohan says:

    Hi Team
    I am looking at getting a ‘wedding ring’ tattoo on my ring finger. Real basic design, perhaps my wife’s name, but open for your suggestions. What would the ballpark cost be for this?

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