The dominant part of the new age separated, there will be many individuals that will fill your ears with myths each time you raise the subject of tattoo inking. But Gargoyle Tattoo Auckland is here to help you find out the truth.

  1. You cannot donate blood your entire lifetime.

     False, you can donate blood after the certain time period of the tattoo and as long as your tattoo artist has used sterilized needles and you clear the blood test.

  2. Taking a painkiller before getting a tattoo will reduce the pain. 

    False, painkillers makes the blood thin due to which you can have excess bleeding while getting a tattoo.

  3. Alcohol intake will help to bear pain while getting a tattoo.

    False, same as painkiller alcohol makes the blood thin which causes excessive bleeding.

  4. People can have HIV from tattoo needles.

    False, until you know your tattoo artist opened a newly sealed tattoo needle in front of you, you are safe. HIV is caused by using infected needles since you know your tattoo artist take care of the needles and sterilization you are safe.

  5. Pregnant women can’t have an Epidural Injection if she has a back tattoo. 

    True, depends on the doctor. It is believed that if you have Epidural injection then there is a small risk that ink might enter your spinal cord and initiate infection. Therefore, most of the hospitals don’t provide an Epidural injection to a lady who has a back tattoo.

  6. The tattoo is more painful than giving birth.

    False, tattoo is not that painful yes, pain varies on different body part but it is different pain than giving birth.

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