Tattoo Auckland Show 2019

The Auckland Custom Culture & Tattoo Show will be held on 26 January 2019! So, if you are a tattoo lover, you must surely be excited to attend this mega event of 2019! The show will be organised by the 4 & Rotary Nationals along with The Tattoo Warehouse.

In New Zealand inking your body has been popular for almost a decade now. Tattooing is no longer seen as a rebellion but as an art form that associates permanently with the body. It is interesting to see how the perceptions of tattoos have changed over the years. In case you plan to get a tattoo at the Tattoo Show Auckland 2019, it is a good idea to do pre-booking as all the tattoo artists at the show are mostly booked in advance. This way you won’t be disappointed. Here you can get inked by some of the best tattoo artists and tattoo parlours in Auckland.

What makes the person who has the tattoo more attractive to a large group of individuals is its complex and intricate design. In Auckland New Zealand, you can be sure of getting a unique and original tattoo. The Maori people brought the art of tattooing with them here from Polynesia. They followed a unique method of tattooing as “ta moko.” Soon the art transcended through the Maori generations and among other New Zealanders. Today, several tattoo parlours in Auckland New Zealand excel not only in general art of tattooing but also boast of Maori tattoo designs.

What you will see in Auckland Tattoo Show 2019?

At the Tattoo Show Auckland, you can witness live tattooing by well-known tattoo artists and would come across the major tattoo studios showcasing their work. The modern tattoo artists make use of electronic tattoo needles and modern indelible inks to create elaborate tattoo designs. Also, various Tattoo Competitions are organised like Miss Custom Culture and Tattoo 2019 that is hosted by the last year’s Miss Ink NZ.

This is not all, the event is made all the more exciting and fun by numerous entertainment options the whole day. You can enjoy Burlesque performances, fire dancers, Hula Hoop performances and more. Other key
highlights of the event are the car show, barber zone, bikes, live music, tattoo awards, and outdoor entertainment. At the venue, 5 halls showcase NZ’s top show cars along with various entertaining performances.

For those thinking about getting a tattoo, Auckland New Zealand is the right place, after all, it was the place of origin of the Maori tattoos. Moreover, Aucklanders in New Zealand have been perfecting the art of tattooing for a very long time now. Thus, if you are looking for perfection in tattoo design and methods, then you can count for a stamp of quality in Auckland New Zealand. Look forward to special, unique and original tattoos by some of the best tattoo artists in tattoo shops and tattoo studios in New Zealand at the Auckland Custom Culture & Tattoo Show. This event has a $25.00 admission ticket available at the gate and allows you to enjoy the Tattoo Show and Car Show full-fledge. So, you can expect a full-fun weekend. Don’t Miss it!

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Frequently Asked Questions about the Auckland Tattoo Show

Hundreds and thousands of people come to attend the Auckland Custom Culture and Tattoo Show not only from within the country but also from abroad. Those who are visiting for the first time have specific questions in mind. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about the show.

  • Can one buy the tickets for the event beforehand?

    No, one cannot pre-purchase the tickets as they are available at the door only. So, you need to arrive at the event and then buy the tickets.

  • What does the entry ticket cover?

    A ticket to the event covers everything in the show, and it is a lot more than just tattoo shops and tattoo studios. You can use the show entry ticket to explore the Lowrider Nationals and NAC Action Arena too, and even enjoy the NZs top cars show and entertainment.

  • Where can I park my car at the Auckland show?

    There is limited parking for staff and exhibitors, but there is ample parking for the public. The ASB Showgrounds runs an external paid car parking space, and there is free parking down the road as well.

  • Can I get tattooed at this event?

    You can, but as there is a massive rush for tattoo artists and big crowds at professional tattoo studios at the event, it is better if you make pre-booking with the professional tattoo artist, as they are likely to remain booked the whole day long.

What is special about the Tattoo Auckland Show?

There is so much that goes on under one roof, and you need to be there to experience it. There is something here for everyone, and you would of course not like to miss anything. Get to know some of the best tattoo artists Auckland, as well as excellent barbers and body piercing artists. Learn about the first-ever Car Football matchups in New Zealand, and you get to see here first in the NC Insurance Action Arena.

Watch NZ’s finest celebrities enter into a 3 on 3 soccer game with premier athletes in the Car football as NZ Model Search Comp hunt for the Miss Nationals crown. It is indeed exciting to see some of NZ’s best participating in RC Drifting Nationals in a full-on competition.

Do not miss out on the Auckland Custom Culture and Tattoo Show 2019 that has kept the masses entertained for more than two decades now. Get immersed in its dynamic entertainment schedule that boasts of the latest products and services including Consumer Electronics, Lifestyle and Automotives, apart from the tattoos. Enjoy the latest and greatest in these products and services as you surf through packed halls. Discover some new favourites while enjoying the old brands. Save the date, go ahead and get ready to attend the show!

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